Blob Swiper


Winner of TGA's Game Jam 02/2019 with five members of King as jury. The requirements were for it to be a casual mobile game with at most four members in each team. Fourteen teams were at the game jam

The gameplay is that the player swipes and the character will go in that direction until they hit a wall.

My Responsibilities

Level designed all four levels

Chosing which Game mechanics to add

Getting the right metrics



Made by 

​    Hanna Mårtensson (Level design)

    Viktor Pramberg (Techical Artist)

    Clara Lindblad Åman (Artist)

    Robin Widegren (Programmer)​


  • Two days

  • Casual Mobile Game

  • Unity

Level 1

The goal is to learn the player the Swipe and how to think in order to get all the points.